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​We love to entertain and would love to hear what you like to do. Send us an e-mail with your suggestions. Come experience the best night in town. Click HERE to find our FB event posts.
Preparing Cocktails
Weekly Drink Specials

From Monday to Friday we offer a special beverage to help you get through your week. 

Thursday: Beer jugs

Saturday: Bucket of beer

Sunday: Caesar Sunday 

Between 3-6pm​
Happy Hour

Who doesn't like to be happy? Join us every day for a special beverage chosen by our amazing staff. 


Weekdays between 3-6pm

Darts in dartboard on wall
Dart League

Are you a sucker for a great sport and even better camaraderie? Join our dart league or help cheer our athletes on


Stay tuned....

Caesar Sunday

No need to clarify. You know you want it. 


Every Sunday - visit our menu to view the various kinds.

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